September 1, 2010

Wine Wednesday: Favorites!

Hey there, winos! Happy September - autumn is just around the corner!

This Wine Wednesday is going to be short and sweet. And while my intention is not to gyp you out of a WW post, I'm just very excited about the Trader Joe's giveaway I'm hosting! 

If you click to this post and comment on it telling me your favorite wine, you will have entered my giveaway. Super easy, right?!

So far, Riesling is taking the lead for favorite wine among Ice Cream & Wine readers. Want to make sure your favorite is represented? Enter my giveaway!

Of course, it wouldn't be right if I didn't share my absolute favorite: Malbec. The best type of red wine that can be enjoyed - promise!

*You have until 11:59p.m. tonight to enter

1 comment:

  1. how did I not find your blog before. Wine is like a food group for me, hehe! Love SOnoma and Napa. We actually just left there in June. You must love living in San Fran now!